Aircraft Fleet

Wherever your travels may take you, Corporate Jet Charters is there. Our aircraft fleet and flight crew are here to represent you, your company, your family, or your best interests. You simply tell us your needs, sit back and relax.  We have the ability to grant you access to the entire world with little as two hours notice.

Light Jets

For shorter-range travel and smaller group flights, a turboprop or light-jet might be the perfect choice for you. Among private jets, light Jets are often the most eco-friendly choice. In most cases they can seat up to six passengers comfortably. These aircraft are best for short-range flights where other private jets may have less space for baggage.

Midsize Jets

For private charter flights that are longer-range, or have more passengers, we offer an extensive selection of midsize jets. These jets typically have the ability to fly further and faster than their light jet counterparts, while providing a much more superior level of comfort. Midsize Jets and Super Midsize jets should be considered for private charter flights of up to eight passengers or flights with ranges of over 1,000 miles.

Heavy Jets

For longer trips, such as international flights, or parties of more than eight people, you may want to consider a heavy Jet. The heavy jet can easily take parties of up to 25 passengers across country or to most international destinations non-stop! Therefore offering the utmost luxury in private jets.

Need more?

There is always the option of large airliner jet charters for even larger groups. These are complete with VIP seating configurations and many more amenities that cannot be found in smaller aircraft. Think showers, full service kitchens, bedroom cabins, and much more!

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