Our Safety Culture

The Corporate Jet Charter Safety Guarantee

As in other industries, with private aviation providers, there is tremendous value in experience. Delivering consistently high levels of service – and safely and securely operating aircraft into and out of thousands of airports – requires expertise and experience that cannot be gained overnight. Superior training programs and operational procedures take years to develop. The development of the infrastructure necessary to manage safe, highly personalized air travel is a process that cannot be abbreviated. With this in mind and with many options available for consumers, it is imperative that Corporate Jet Charters examines and understands what customers really want from flight service organizations.  With our founding members all having deep roots in the aviation industry as pilots, mechanics, and aviation service specialists, we understand that flying can make some feel uneasy and we offer the personal guarantee from all of us that your flight is being operated in the hands of true professionals who take their job very seriously.  At Corporate Jet Charters, we realize that a human life is worth more than any amount of money, thus we never sacrifice in the interests of safety.  Fly a little easier knowing that Corporate Jet Charters takes a personal interest in your well being and we are more than happy to oblige any requests that can make your travel experience with us all the better.  We believe the main factors that influence a client’s choice of air charter service provider are safety, service and value as outlined in greater detail below:

  • Safety – When selecting a charter operator, consumers will often research the audit history and ratings of the charter operator. Audit ratings may be found by contacting the charter operator or through third party safety auditors, e.g., International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO), Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF)Aviation Research Group U.S. (ARG/US), Wyvern. Most brokers and operators will provide an ARG/US Trip CHEQ report or a Wyvern Pass report showing that the flight has met industry standards. If no independent audit has been done on the operator, the charter customer can seek the assistance of these organizations, or other experienced aviation professionals with audit experience, to have a third-party safety audit conducted.
  • Security – is a primary reason consumers turn to private aviation, including air charter, for travel needs. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has established security plans and procedures for aircraft over 12,500lbs., which includes most jet charter aircraft. Charter operators and passengers are required to follow these regulations, and many charter operators have voluntarily implemented additional security measures. You will be required to provide information to the charter operator prior to the flight and provide government-issued photo identification prior to boarding the flight. Other security protocols will be in place, and these may vary depending on the airport and the charter operator. Air charter service providers such as Corporate Jet Charters conduct their own safety analysis for each flight and also consistently work with safety verification corporations such as ARG/US and WYVERN to ensure that every aircraft selected far exceeds all safety requirements mandated by the FAA.