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Corporate Jet Charters offers clients a comprehensive range of aviation services and solutions. Through our preferred network of aircraft operators, fixed based operators, maintenance technicians, and other aircraft service personnel, we are able to provide Full On-Demand Air Charter programs for both individuals and Corporations.

Private Jet Charters

Our on-demand air charter services provide clients with a wide variety of aircraft while leveraging the latest technologies to generate cost-effective solutions to their travel needs.


Jet Sales & Acquisitions

At Corporate Jet Charters, we offer a clients a variety of corporate jet sales. We’re here to help through every step of the process.


Jet Management

We provide our clients with highly skilled, experienced, professional, and courteous personal staff available on call to handle your account.


Our Other Services

Corporate Jet Charters offers clients a comprehensive range of aviation services and solutions. Through our preferred network of aircraft operators, fixed based operators, maintenance technicians, and other aircraft service personnel, we are able to provide Full On-Demand Air Charter programs for both individuals and Corporations.

Empty legs are the unsold flights on a private jet.  For example, a private jet is chartered one-way from New York to Miami and then the jet must be repositioned to Chicago for its next flight.  The segment from Miami to Chicago is known as an “empty leg” as there is no paying customer on the flight.  These non-revenue generating flights typically come at a steep discount – up to 60% off from our normal jet charter rates.  Our passengers have the further benefit and flexibility of selecting a departure date and time, within a designated window, making these “last minute on-demand” versus “scheduled on-demand” flights.

Typically, jet operators market these empty leg flights independently through their own websites or through newsletters to select members. The goal of Corporate Jet Charters is to create a transparent marketplace for this fragmented industry by consolidating our operator’s empty leg flights onto our site.  Our goal is to make available to our clients an easy tool that allows customers to identify Corporate Jet Charters as the best option and value for private jet charter, which in turn allows jet operators  to more fully utilize their jets.

As in other industries, with private aviation providers, there is tremendous value in experience. Delivering consistently high levels of service – and safely and securely operating aircraft into and out of thousands of airports – requires expertise and experience that cannot be gained overnight. Superior training programs and operational procedures take years to develop. The development of the infrastructure necessary to manage safe, highly personalized air travel is a process that cannot be abbreviated. With this in mind and with many options available for consumers, it is imperative that Corporate Jet Charters examines and understands what customers really want from flight service organizations.  With our founding members all having deep roots in the aviation industry as pilots, mechanics, and aviation service specialists, we understand that flying can make some feel uneasy and we offer the personal guarantee from all of us that your flight is being operated in the hands of true professionals who take their job very seriously.  At Corporate Jet Charters, we realize that a human life is worth more than any amount of money, thus we never sacrifice in the interests of safety.  Fly a little easier knowing that Corporate Jet Charters takes a personal interest in your well being and we are more than happy to oblige any requests that can make your travel experience with us all the better.  We believe the main factors that influence a client’s choice of air charter service provider are safety, service and value.

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Designed to complement any of our aviation services, the Corporate Concierge Network aims to provide an unsurpassed range of luxury services which extend to far more than simply ground transportation, gourmet in-flight dining, and the usual private aviation concierge services. A major differentiation between Corporate Jet Charters and our closest competitors, the Corporate Concierge Network is proud to work with industry leaders in the concierge and hospitality industry which allows us to provide our clients with an unsurpassed portfolio of concierge and lifestyle services around the world. Our lifestyle solutions encompass a wide variety of services from personal concierge solutions to event management, VIP access, personal assistants and much more. The Corporate Concierge Network also provides clients with access to an exceptional global selection of authentic experiences as well as private and VIP accomodations around the globe.

Wherever your travels may take you, Corporate Jet Charters is there. Our outstanding fleet of well maintaned aircraft and flightcrew are here to represent you, your company, your family, and your best interests. You simply tell us your needs, sit back and relax.  We have the ability to grant you access to the entire world with as little as two hours notice.

With Corporate Jet Charters, there are no membership fees, acquisition costs, or monthly maintenance charges and reserving a private jet with us couldn’t be easier. No matter what the size of your party or the length of the trip, Corporate Jet Charters arranges instant access to the best service on the best aircraft for each and every trip. We have access to the largest selection of private jets in every size and performance range in the world, and you can be assured that every private charter flight will both meet and exceed your travel needs.

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Corporate Jet Charters offers global private jet charter service within hours of a clients request.  With preferred operators located in all corners of the United States, you will never have to waste time waiting for an aircraft to take you to your next destination.  Corporate Jet Charters offers Private Jet Charter services in all of the nations busiest and most frequented airports.  We have access to a wide and diverse fleet of aircraft with multi-mission capability.  Whether your destination has a runway that is made of grass or is twelve thousand feet long, count on Corporate Jet Charters and their preferred operators to get you to ANY airport in the world both safely and on-time.  Our offices are spread out throughout the United States, ensuring easy contact with any of Corporate Jet Charters Private Aviation Specialists at any time, day or night.  Corporate Jet Charters is also expanding our operations to include the most frequently traveled international destinations in an effort to ensure client satisfaction and retention.  This is being implemented with the fullest intentions to grow Corporate Jet Charters into a truly Global brand with the capability to fly anywhere in the world, guaranteed.

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The C.A.R.E.S. Program is a unique experience that sets Cromer Aviation apart from other private aviation service providers.  Cromer Aviation cares to give back to the community, and we realize that in many times of crisis, it may be best to rely on the speed of flight to get the appropriate mission completed.  Whether it involves supporting medical needs as well as humanitarian & charity efforts – Cromer Aviation supports people and communities in crisis by getting people with illnesses to centers for treatment by air, arranging transportation of blood and organs to hospitals, connecting military veterans returning from war with their families, and providing emergency relief flight services to remove displaced victims of natural disasters, all completed with no profit to us.

Cromer Aviation has access to flying intensive care units that respond to emergencies around the globe, 24 hours a day.  Within moments of receiving a C.A.R.E.S. call, our air ambulance flight coordination center selects the appropriate aircraft and dispatches teams of flight crews, physicians, paramedics, and flight nurses to respond to you or a loved one’s need. With Cromer Aviation Rescue Emergency Services, one phone call handles it all.

Once airborne, constant satellite communications are maintained with our air ambulance flight operations center. Physicians are able to monitor patient condition and progress during the flight. Our air ambulance flight dispatchers monitor the progress of the flight and coordinate ground ambulance and support personnel.

For a C.A.R.E.S. Emergency Request, dial 1(800) 433-1050 EXT. 0 for our immediate 24/7 Customer Service extension and state that this is a C.A.R.E.S. request.

For non-emergencies, email cares@cromeraviation.com

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