Corporate Jet Charters Government Services

Corporate Jet Charters stands ready and willing to serve our country as a certified air contract provider to the United States Government. Defense flight operations are some of the most complex, challenging, dangerous and downright difficult that exist. We have executed every mission assigned flawlessly and without failure.

We’ve been procuring and delivering all kinds of military cargo, vehicles and personnel in all parts of the globe as certified  GSA Schedule Members serving both the needs of the United States Department of Homeland Security,  United States Department of Defense and other agencies within the U.S. Executive and Security apparatus. We offer aviation logistics and program management, mission specific aircraft and private air charter support.  We utilize A global network of qualified and carefully screened partners that enable our company to provide comprehensive private jet aviation services on a moment’s notice anywhere in the world, meeting the mission requirements of the United States Government and our allies, when and where they need us, at anytime.