Aircraft Maintenance

Corporate Jet Charters provides expert repairs and aircraft maintenance. 

Corporate Jet Charters FAA aircraft maintenance partners come ready with the up to date technology, equipment, and the best A&P maintenance technicians in the industry. All Corporate Jet Charters maintenance technicians and service personnel receive regular training from manufacturer training providers. We guarantee to keep your aircraft always to the highest standards of safety and ready to fly. Corporate Jet Charters takes pride in the service we offer and if there’s something we can improve, contact us here.

Airframe & Powerplant

Corporate Jet Charters specializes in most major turbine aircraft manufacturers. This includes Bombardier, Dassault, Cessna, Gulfstream, and Hawker Beechcraft as well as piston and turbo-prop aircraft such as Cirrus, Pilatus, and King Air.

Services & Inspections

  • Thrust Reverser Service & Inspection
  • Airframe Damage Repair
  • Air-Conditioning Systems Servicing
  • Auxiliary Power Unit service
  • Aircraft Battery Service
  • Altimeter Checks
  • I/A/W FAR91.411 to RVSM Standards
  • Aircraft Weighing
  • Emergency Power Supply Services
  • Engine Inspections
  • Ground Testing
  • Paint Services
  • NDT Services
  • Pitot Static Inspection Services
  • Pitot Probe Alignment Checks
  • Transponder / Air Computer Checks
  • I/A/W FAR91.413 to RVSM Standards
  • Aircraft Maintenance

At Corporate Jet Charters, we also search and price our aircraft maintenance services aggressively to earn your business.