Month: May 2013

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Cromer Aviation joins forces with Executive Travel Club Provider Private Residence CollectionTM!

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Cromer Aviation joins forces with Executive Travel Club Provider Private Residence CollectionTM!

Greensboro, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, United States, May 2013: Cromer Aviation, a global leader and pioneer in the Aviation industry is proud to announce an exclusive partnership with Private Residence CollectionTM a leader in luxury lifestyle and travel. This partnership brings together two players in the travel industry that have built reputations to always go above and beyond to deliver the utmost in travel experiences on all levels.

Cromer Aviation is considered to be one of the fastest growing companies in the aviation industry. At Cromer Aviation we provide a service that remains unrivaled in the private aviation industry. Our complete service programs begin from the comfort of your home or office and do not cease until you are back, safe. This includes all your travel needs like transportation to and from the airport, five-star catering on board, hotel and living arrangements once you have arrived at your destination, as well as exclusive access to some of the most sought after events and entertainment venues around the world. Through this exclusive partnership with Private Resident CollectionTM, Cromer Aviation will extend their global connections and expand their repertoire, providing an even greater and more exclusive experience for our executive clientele around the world.

In recent years the popularity of unique and exotic vacations has skyrocketed. Cromer Aviation in conjuncture with Private Resident CollectionTM provides a unique partnership for any journey. Both organizations provide attention to detail, such that their clients feel pampered all the way back to the comfort of their home, whether its roundtrip or one leg; family or business oriented; frequent flying or a dream vacation of a lifetime.

Regina Almstead, Vice President, PRC said, “We are thrilled to enter into this exclusive agreement with Cromer Aviation so that we can together continue to increase the value and travel experience for club members. We need to be creative and provide innovative solutions in order to breathe new life into the income stream of our industry partners, and by joining forces with Cromer Aviation we are undoubtedly even better equipped to do this.”

John Cromer, CEO, Cromer Aviation stated, “Cromer Aviation is very excited to provide living and housing arrangements to our customers through this new partnership with Private Residence CollectionTM. Both companies work extremely hard to provide the absolute best to our clients. Our diverse fleet of aircraft, coupled with PRC’s wide variety of living arrangements, is certain to make this exclusive agreement a long fulfilling relationship. We at Cromer Aviation are very excited to embrace this unique opportunity.”

Phaedra Almstead, President of Private Residence CollectionTM stated, “PRC welcomes this exclusive agreement with Cromer Aviation. While globalization has been a major part of travel in the last 10 years, rather than creating single entities, we believe the industry will be best served by bringing together best in brands to provide excellence on every level.”

Cromer Aviation is committed to its long term strategy that includes “expanding its brand as the world’s most customer oriented private aviation service provider,” while Private Residence Collection continues its mission to provide value and growth to industry partners and seamless luxury to travelers.

Cromer Aviation and Private Residence CollectionTMare together ideally poised to revive luxury travel, encouraging strong alliances that deliver esteemed quality and distinction in luxury travel services.


CROMER AVIATION is a global leader in the aviation industry, serving markets such as Business Travelers, Celebrities, Heads of State, High-net-worth individuals as well as Group Charters. Capitalizing on unique relationships, insider knowledge & industry relationships, Cromer Aviation offers clients a variety of aviation services all while providing customized management solutions, unsurpassed attention to detail and unrivalled personal service. Cromer Aviation believes in developing unique relationships necessary to maintain their reputation in excellence and remain a leader in the private aviation arena.


PRIVATE RESIDENCE COLLECTIONTM is a fractional ownership vacation club that caters to excellence in the travel club industry. PRC has destinations in more than 46 countries, including residences on all continents. For the eccentric or the busy professional they provide seamless travel services, including private concierge; luxury yachts, boats and jets; limousines and sports cars and even private island residences. PRC currently partners with Fairmont Residences, Abercrombie & Kent, Four Seasons Residences and Ritz-Carlton.