Puerto Rico

San Juan

San Juan, officially Municipio de San Juan Bautista, is the capital and most populous municipality in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. The city is one of Puerto Rico’s most important seaports, and is the island’s manufacturing, financial, cultural, and tourism center. The population of the Metropolitan Statistical Area, including San Juan and its municipalities makes up about half the population of Puerto Rico.  Known for its charm, Old San Juan’s blue cobblestone streets will feel like stepping out of a time machine. Once the crown jewel of the Spanish Empire in the Americas, the walled city still preserves its stunning colonial architecture, ranging from imposing fortresses to brightly colored buildings which make a stunning backdrop for any meeting or vacation trip.  The Old San Juan area features some of the island’s best museums, restaurants, shops, and nightlife.

Airports serving this area:

Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci Airport: (SIG)Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci Airport, also commonly known as Isla Grande Airport, is a small airport in Miramar, which is a district in the municipality of San Juan, Puerto Rico.  The airport is adjacent to the new Puerto Rico Convention Center, the San Juan Bay, and the Pan American Cruise Ship Terminal, and overlooks Cataño.  This airport is very popular with charter clients flying into Puerto Rico because it mainly deals with general aviation and private jets.  Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci airport is also very popular with helicopter tours around the area and these are a great add-on for any charter customer. This airport features a single runway that is five thousand five hundred and thirty-nine feet long.

Field Based Operators (FBO’s):

  • Signature Flight Support
  • Million Air

Aircraft Fleet Available:

  • Cessna 208
  • Challenger 300
  • Eurocopter AS350
  • Gulfstream G-150
  • Learjet 60XR