Midsize Jets

Midsize Jets

Learjet 75

The Learjet 75 offers the ability to get six to eight passengers anywhere within an impressive 2,000 mile range in a cabin more luxurious than any other in its class. This jet is extremely fuel efficient and cost effective, with faster time-to-climb than its nearest competitor can still cruise at an average speed of over 500 miles an hour. The Learjet 75 is a Corporate Jet Charters client favorite because it does not sacrifice any luxury and still operates with the lowest in-class direct operating costs than the others. An excellent choice for those who wish for high-value style and comfort.

Class:Light Jet

Passengers: 6 – 8 ( Depending on cabin configuration )

Range: 2,000 miles

Speed: 535 MPH

Cabin Height: 4 ft. 11 in.

Midsize Jets

Learjet 60

The Learjet 60 is a great choice for chartering cross-country and longer range trips, although the 60 is proficient for short-to-mid range trips as well. The Learjet 60 is considered a midsize jet, seating up to 8 passengers. With a cruising speed of 525 mph, the 60 reaches a range of 2,615 miles making this classic midsize jet an ideal choice for Corporate Jet Charters passengers.

Class: Midsize Jet

Passengers: 7-8 (depending upon cabin configuration)

Range: 2,075 Miles

Speed: 536 MPH

Cruising Altitude: 50,000 ft.

Cabin Height: 5ft. 8in.

Midsize Jets

Learjet 45XR

The Learjet 45 has a tremendous range of 1,969 miles and reaches maximum speeds in excess of 500 MPH. The Learjet 45 can soar at an altitude of 51,000 feet, well above any inclement weather. Dominating the super light jet category, the Lear 45XR has an extreme range and the power to fly at faster speeds with more passengers than many other aircraft in its class. Book a flight on this aircraft and you will not be disappointed!

Class: Light Jet

Passengers: 8

Range: 1,969 Miles

Speed: 525 MPH

Cabin Height: 4ft 10in

Midsize Jets

Hawker 4000

As one of the most advanced private jets in its class, it’s no wonder the Hawker 4000 is such a favorite amongst Corporate Jet Charters clients. Not only does this revolutionary aircraft feature a high cruising speed of 555 mph, it also features a spacious stand-up cabin with seating for up to 10 passengers. In addition, the Hawker 4000 has an impressively long range of 3,190 nautical miles, perfect for cross-country charter flights from New York to Los Angeles.

Class: Midsize Jet

Passengers: 8 to 10 (depending upon cabin configuration)

Range: 3,190 Miles

Speed: 555 MPH

Cruising Altitude: 45,000 feet

Cabin Height: 6ft 0in

Midsize Jets

Hawker 1000

The Hawker 1000 provides an exceptional balance of comfort, speed and a range of 3,440 miles. This jet can provide ample room seating on long flights for 8 to 9 passengers and has a cabin that is equipped with all of the communication technology a 21st century business executive needs to function at full capacity while cruising at 37,000 feet. The Hawker 1000 is exactly what it claims to be, an economical and consistent private jet that will deliver reliable performance over long distances, guaranteed.

Class: Midsize Jet

Passengers: 8 to 9 (depending upon cabin configuration)

Range: 3,440 Miles

Speed: 521 MPH

Cruising Altitude: 37,000 feet

Cabin Height: 5ft 9in

Hawker 900XP

The Hawker 900XP has exceptional range coupled with an unparalleled speed and cabin amenities.  The Hawker 900XP will fly to 41,000 feet in just 25 minutes.  The Hawker 900XP features a 30% larger cabin than the Gulfstream G150 with a range of 2,800 miles. The Hawker 900XP has the ability to take Corporate Jet Charters discerning clientele to virtually anywhere in the world in the lap of luxury.  The Hawker 900XP makes an ideal aircraft choice for passengers looking for heavy jet amenities at midsize jet prices.

Class: Midsize Jet

Passengers: 8

Range: 2,800 miles

Speed: 540 MPH

Cruising Altitude: 41,000 ft.

Cabin Height: 5ft. 7in.

Midsize Jets

Hawker 850XP

The Hawker 850XP can seat as many as 9 passengers, but is typically configured to carry 8 passengers. The interior of this business jet surrounds business executives with the finest luxury amenities, including fully-berthable seats for added comfort and a full lavatory for convenience. The Hawker 850XP can takeoff from runways as short at 5,100 feet and can climb up to 41,000 feet at a rate of 2,000 feet per minute.

Class: Midsize Jet

Passengers: 8 or 9 (depending upon cabin configuration)

Range: 2,900 Miles

Speed: 516 MPH

Cruising Altitude: 41,000 ft

Cabin Height: 5ft 8in

Hawker 800XP

The Hawker 800XP is one of the most successful private jets that is currently flying with a cruise speed of 515 mph over the span of 2,515 miles. It is a third-generation model of the 800 series and is similar to Hawker 400XP. It is designed to complete transcontinental flights as needed, as well as boasting good short-range capabilities. This aircraft can get in and out of smaller executive airports, saving time and money for Corporate Jet Charters executive clientele.

Class: Midsize Jet

Passengers: 8

Range: 2,515 Miles

Speed: 515 MPH

Cruising Altitude: 41,000 ft

Cabin Height: 5ft 8in

Hawker 800

The Hawker 800 has raised the bar for performance and comfort in midsize jets.  The layout of the Hawker 800’s cabin is much the same as the previous Hawker 750 aircraft; however, the interior was redesigned to make more efficient use of the available space. The Hawker 800’s fully adjustable, 360-degree-swivelling seats are usually arranged in a four-place club configuration with an extra forward-facing seat across from a three-space divan.

Class: Midsize Jet

Passengers: 8

Range: 2,500 Miles

Speed: 510 MPH

Cruising Altitude: 41,000 ft

Cabin Height: 5ft 9in

Hawker 750

The Hawker 750 can seat 8 passengers comfortably in a spacious 21ft long cabin complete with an aft lavatory. The interior of this business jet will surround Corporate Jet Charters passengers with the finest luxury amenities.  The Hawker 750 has a cruise speed of over 500 mph, whisking our jet charter clients to business meetings and exotic vacation destinations with exceptional quickness, in addition to speed, this private jet has a range of 2200 miles.

Class: Midsize Jet

Passengers: 8

Range: 2,200 Miles

Speed: 545 MPH

Cruising Altitude: 41,000 feet

Cabin Height: 5ft 8in