Cessna Citation CJ4

The Cessna CJ4 features midsize jet performance at light jet prices. The CJ4 will hold 7 passengers and their luggage. The new CJ4, the biggest of the CJ model line, features the most trendily decorated, ergonomically designed cabin ever. You and your guests will have plenty of room to make the space your very own. Another interesting feature is the belted flushing toilet in the aft cabin that offers an eighth passenger seat as well as additional luggage compartment in the side cabinet. The CJ4 will cruise at over 500 MPH for a range of almost 2,000 miles, which is a perfect fit for most of Cromer Aviation’s clientele.

Class: Light Jet

Passengers: 6-8 (depending upon cabin configuration)

Range:  1,963 miles

Speed: 518 MPH

Cabin Height: 5ft. 9in.

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