Challenger 604

Heavy Jets

Bombardier’s Challenger 604 is major upgrade when compared to the Challenger 601. The 604 provides more range, a larger cabin and a more advanced electronic navigation system than its predecessors. The Challenger 604 is one of the best-selling private jets in the world due to its spacious interior, flight versatility, and cost efficiency. This jet features a cruise speed of 541 MPH and a range that extends to over 4,500 miles. With an incredibly quiet cabin, wide fuselage and full service galley, the Challenger 604 is an ideal private airplane for conducting in-flight business or relaxing in total comfort.

Class: Heavy Jet

Passengers: 9 to 16 (depending upon cabin configuration)

Range: 4,640 Miles

Speed: 541 MPH

Cruising Altitude: 37,000 ft

Cabin Height: 6ft 2in

Heavy Jets

Heavy Jets

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