Citation Encore

Light Jets

The Citation Encore is the successful update to the Citation Ultra. The Encore is versatile, able to fly long distances, take off and land on short runways, and carry a large load. Corporate Jet Charters’ passengers love its cabin comfort, smooth flight performance, and low operating costs. The cabin offers many larger jet amenities, such as a full refreshment center, fully-enclosed aft lavatory, as well as flat panel entertainment systems, outlets, and audio jacks. The cabin also features 8 fully reclinable seats and stretches to seventeen feet, five inches – Making it the longest cabin of any light jet. A lack of luxury is not an issue with this charter option.

Class: Light Jet

Passengers: 6-8 (depending upon cabin configuration)

Range: 2,200 Miles

Speed: 490 MPH

Cabin Height: 4 ft. 8 in.

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