Citation XLS

The Citation XLS is a fantastic jet for Corporate Jet Charters’ clients with an extremely luxurious cabin with plenty of room to move around and relax in. A generous width of 66 inches accommodates six extra-wide, fully reclining leather seats for optimal comfort. The XLS is also equipped with 2 air conditioning units that keep the cabin at a comfortable temperature even with extreme exterior conditions. With room for up to 9 passengers, this aircraft still has an impressive range of over 1,800 nautical miles and a cruising speed of 428kts. The Citation XLS is capable of getting to cruise altitude in just 18 minutes making it have one of the fastest climb rates in its class.

Class: Midsize

Passengers: 9

Range: 2,000 miles

Speed: 500 MPH

Cabin Height: 5 ft. 7 in.

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