Falcon 7X

Heavy Jets

The Dassault Falcon 7X is a tri-engine, long-range heavy jet with a range extending nearly 6,000 miles while cruising at 560 MPH. This innovative tri-engine design enables the Falcon 7X to make its approach at slower speeds, which adds to this aircraft’s high level of safety. This supreme luxury jet features a fully enclosed lavatory and 140 cubic feet of baggage storage for the needs of the most discerning Corporate Jet Charters charter group. With the Falcon 7x’s exceptional range and many safety advances, it has become one of the premier choices for Corporate Jet Charters executive business and worldwide leisure customers.

Class: Heavy Jet

Passengers: 9 to 19 depending on cabin configuration

Range: 5,945 Miles

Speed: 559 MPH

Cruising Altitude: 45,000 ft

Cabin Height: 6ft 2in

Heavy Jets

Heavy Jets

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