Gulfstream G-IVSP

The Gulfstream G-IVSP surpassed the GIII making the G-IVSP cabin the largest in its class with an unbelievable 2,041 cubic feet of cabin space. The G-IVSP will typically hold 13 of Corporate Jet Charters executives or luxury leisure passengers in complete and total comfort at a cruising speed of 550 MPH. This aircraft was built following the success of the Gulfstream G-IV and has added extended range fuel tanks for traveling up to 4,800 miles and more luxury amenities than imagined in its Gulfstream predecessors.

Class: Heavy Jet

Passengers: 8 to 19 depending on cabin configuration

Range: 4,800 Miles

Speed: 550 MPH

Cruising Altitude: 43,000 ft

Cabin Height: 6ft 1in

Heavy Jets

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