Cessna 210


The Cessna 210 makes an excellent aircraft for Corporate Jet Charters’ clients who need to get to their destination within an impressive 900 mile range. It is less expensive to operate compared to others in its class due to it being a single engine aircraft, but yet does not sacrifice any leg room with the capacity for 4 to 5 passengers. It can haul several clients at a speed of 230 miles per hour at a cruising altitude of 20,000 feet because the cabin is pressurized, making the trip very comfortable and safe.  A non-pressurized version of the aircraft is also very popular with remote charters due to its great short field performance and load hauling capability.

Class: Piston

Passengers: 4 – 5 ( Depending on single or dual pilot use )

Range: 900 Miles

Speed: 230 MPH

Cabin Height: 4 ft.

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