Cessna 337


The Cessna 337 is a great aircraft for 4 to 5 Corporate Jet Charters’ clients to enjoy a comfortable flight in a pressurized cabin to an extensive range of over 1,000 miles. This aircraft can get clients in and out of almost any unimproved airfield with a takeoff and landing distance of under 2,000 feet. This is an interesting aircraft that is fun to relax in because of its unique design with a propeller in the front and in the back, making it safer than other twin engines in its class (due to the lack of yaw towards a failed engine).

Class: Piston

Passengers: 4 – 5 ( Depending on single or dual pilot )

Range: 1060 Miles

Speed: 200 MPH

Cabin Height: 4 ft. 1 in.

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